Agile Business Agility Leadership Strategy

How to effectively manage today’s IT challenges through Agile Principles & Practices

It can be a real challenge for a large organization to manage its IT operations when it does not have the right fusion of people, an effective delegation of leadership, the appropriate set of tools and processes in place, and the correct type of environment and resources in place.

Agile Business Agility Strategy

Approaches to Agile Transformation

Agile is increasingly widespread in usage and mention, making the notion of switching from a more traditional method to agile a plausible one. Those who are considering agile transformation should thoroughly understand the process and what it entails, in order to ensure a smooth transformation and to reap the full benefits.

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The big white elephant in the Agile room (the problem isn’t your teams)

For me and for many, poor-leadership is the big elephant in the room. Its that big, its arse is pushing ones face up against the wall for lack of space. It’s that obvious.

Business Agility Humanity

The unreasonable (wo)man

Being an unreasonable person has always had a negative connotation for most. However, the following quote points to a new and enlightening perspective. Have a read and see what you think.

Business Agility Business Strategy Humanity

Humanity for self naturally creates a culture of humanity for others

A fellow Co-Active leader in one of our private slack channels was considering some of the painful challenges in the world. She asked how can we as leaders/coaches make a difference to the world through our clients and people we lead.