Product & Design

We help accelerate agile success for each organization individually.

Product Delivery

Sntio’s approach to product delivery is not drastic.  We believe in building towards an agile transformation, starting with customized training for individuals in our clients’ companies and working with our clients every step of the way towards adopting agile.

Product Management

Our product management services combine custom business strategy with agile Product Owner training and backlog prioritization and documentation in order to advance our clients’ abilities to deliver on KPI’s rapidly and effectively.

Digital Product & User Experience Design

Clients facing digital products and user experience design challenges can expect experienced design leadership blended with the latest information and techniques in user-centric, mobile-first, and responsive design.  We assist clients in managing rapid prototyping, usability research on their customers’ experiences with the products, and visual UI design to maximize the value and success that our clients achieve.




Product Owner Basics: Prioritization
For scrum product owners, there are multiple important considerations to have in mind, and high amongst them is product backlog prioritization. Product prioritization is vital to achieving a scrum product’s objectives, and there are a number of scrum backlog prioritization techniques that product owners can embrace.
Transforming Agile Nay-Sayers Into Enthusiasts
Agile is increasingly mentioned as the go-to method for product development, and given the coverage on agile, it appears that there is a consensus that agile is at least viewed in a neutral light, if not favorably. Despite this, there are adamant nay-sayers against agile.
The Significance of Product Backlog Refinement in Scrum Success
Product backlog refinement, or PBR, is an integral component of successful Scrums. This process of continuously reviewing product backlog items, to ensure that teams know exactly what to work on in the sprints, cannot be done without.