Our Approach

Your business is agile, innovative and capable of creating a working environment that puts people first. But, you need help bringing the best out of your people, products and business strategy.

Our approach will help you grow, become more agile and turn into the organization that the competition follows.

Personal Co-Leadership Stake

“When results are second to fun and ‘dancing in the moment‘, we create great results, impact, and fulfillment”

Dancing in the moment is about meeting every moment of where it is now… and moving from that point onwards.

Dancing in the moment means not over-planning and only sticking with the intentions that we set. This makes us Agile in the truest sense. Agile in service of our business and that of the value we deliver to our clients.

Fun is playful, creative and innovative. From this place, we create a lot of energy and movement. We are not held by serious rules that stifle our own innovation. We keep it simple… (KISS-Keep it Simple Superstar) and have fun while doing it.

Our Values

We Do Good

Everything we do is life-affirming.
What is good for us, is good for others.
We set an example to our clients, suppliers and customers about how it is to run a business that is not just run on greed, winning and shallow results.

Relationships First

We start with relationships and build on that.
Relationships create the bedrock of everything we do.

Collaboration through everything we do

Nothing is done in isolation.
We collaborate with everyone – customers, our customers’ customers, our suppliers, people we network with – even our competitors.
We collaborate and have tough/fun/honest conversations to help drive our collective goals.

Keep Things Fun

We believe that a less rigid culture can create much greater creative results.

We Share Our Success

Our success is a collective one (as per our collaboration value).
Our consultants share the business’s success and vice-versa.
We always celebrate our successes.


We are transparent (to increase learning and find the best ways forward).
We are honest and open so that people trust us and feel safe around us.
We are authentic and true to ourselves.
We lead from who we really are.
No energy is expended on being something we are not (even if that means us not winning business).


We are Agile and adapt quickly.
Our business is a dance and is not married to fixed sharp outputs or outcomes.


We are outcomes-focused.
It’s all about the impact.
We light fires.
Self-sustaining organizational change.
We promote the marriage between the well-being of the people and the organization. (Yes, AND.)
We limit the types of work for the sake of our clients and our enjoyment of working with them.