Humanity for self naturally creates a culture of humanity for others

Painful challenges in the world

A fellow Co-Active leader in one of our private slack channels was considering some of the painful challenges in the world. She asked how can we as leaders/coaches make a difference to the world through our clients and people we lead. Now being a leader/coach I hold to a simple belief that we as true leaders see our people as naturally creative, resourceful and unbroken (i.e. we don’t need to fix anything). We also hold no agenda for our clients. Other than what they need and what we intuitively feel is good for them. Our personal desires for the world and larger whole are simply our personal ones, that may or may not align with those of the person we are working with. However, we don’t impose it on our working relationship.

Serving the people and the greater whole

So the question arose of how we can be part of serving the greater whole, without breaking our code of ethics. i.e serve the clients needs first and foremost. Like most things in life, this is an interesting paradox. Don’t you just love a good paradox?:)

For me, the answer is simple, subtle and powerful.

I think as leaders/coaches we can truly serve our people by helping them first connect with their own personal humanity. Humanity for me is kindness, mercy and sympathy. Initially, this is for their own personal needs. My own experience and that of many of my clients is we show very little kindness, mercy and sympathy to ourselves. This has an inevitable painful and disjointed impact. The pain we inflict on ourselves shows up in the world whether we realise it or not. Be honest… we do this to ourselves all the time. Or at least many of us do.

Connecting with personal Humanity first

My feelings of intuition around this are that by connecting to our personal humanity, it also directs us to connect with the greater whole. i.e. Our humanity to others… and the larger world. 

So as a leader/coach, I serve my clients needs first, by helping them see their own personal humanity. Creating little waves of kindness, sympathy and mercy in their own world, that create perspectives, action and impact in the wider world.

I feel we can solve big painful problems we collectively face by creating small waves of humanity in our personal lives. The more goodness we create, the more goodness IT creates.

For me… my part in the whole (my purpose) is to create little waves connecting us back to our humanity…. creating small wins for us all.

Create little waves connecting us back to our humanity…. thus creating small wins for us all.

TC Gill

TC is a Co-active Agile Coach and leader, specializing in helping businesses ‘being’ more Agile in a VUCA world. Simply delivering business transformation through the power of their own people. He is a challenger and a fighter for what clients want, and to create a culture of change that serves you, your people and the business itself. e: [email protected]