Authenticity at work

People thrive and deliver great work when they can be themselves.

Toxic Leadership

Toxic leadership and overbearing (command-and-control) only delivers what the leadership asks for. And from my own experience, that isn’t what’s always needed. Businesses, in the VUCA* world we live in, need to have employees that can speak out (psychological safety), be creative and innovative.

This starts with people being allowed to bring their authentic self to work. It’s easier if you can just be ‘you’ right?! In the Co-Active leadership philosophy I am trained in, we speak often about being our ‘Authentic’ self. Especially in leadership. And ideally that leadership is distributed to all layers of the organisation… from the people actually doing the work, to those in the C-suite.

Powerful and free

Authenticity is powerful and it’s there for the taking … and it’s for free!!! It costs nothing. Not allowing people to be themselves, is costing you more than you think. This short video by CEO James McMaster speaks to exactly this.

‘Bring your true personality to your work’
Just before James McMaster became the chief executive of health food company Huel, he met a distraught job applicant.
Her last employers had treated her as though she didn’t exist. This inspired him to start a new strategy for his, and he encourages them to “bring yourselves to work”.
He says that allowing employees to show their personalities in their jobs helps drive up sales and leads to a happier workforce.
Video journalist: Jeremy Howell SOURCE: BBC, UK.

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TC Gill

TC is a Co-active Agile Coach and leader, specializing in helping businesses ‘being’ more Agile in a VUCA world. Simply delivering business transformation through the power of their own people. He is a challenger and a fighter for what clients want, and to create a culture of change that serves you, your people and the business itself. e: [email protected]