Agile Ways of Working

Scale, grow and adopt a transformation-first mindset.


Your business needs to keep pace with technology if it’s to remain relevant, competitive and capable of growth in the digital age. That means it needs to transform its team, leadership style and governance with a consistent, transformation-first mindset.


To become an agile, adaptive organization, you’ll need help. Our team will evaluate your current position and capabilities and identify areas where your practices can be optimized to increase throughput, raise employee productivity and deliver stunning results for customers.


Your business benefits from a passionate, empowered workforce. However, is their work aligned with your growth ambitions? Are you fostering a highly-collaborative working environment that encourages discovery, self-organization, and agility across every single business unit?


Building an Agile Organization

Together, we find out how we can be explicitly supportive of agility in every aspect of your business.

Experimenting with Agility

Through collaborative experimentation, we work towards aspects of agility that will be useful in your organization.

Implementing Ways of Working

Together, we learn about common challenges your organization faces in ways of working, and we help you find the way to overcome them.

Leadership & Agility

We work with leaders and help them identify and emphasize practices in transition to Agile working, without, reverting back to a top-down hierarchy.


Managing Partner

Our Classes

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Feb 13-14, 2020Ljubljana, SloveniaProfessional Scrum Master™ (PSM™)Register Here
Feb 20-21, 2020Budapest, HungaryProfessional Scrum Master II™ (PSM-II™)Register Here
Mar 9-10, 2020Budapest, HungaryProfessional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO™)Register Here
Apr 21, 22, 2020Ljubljana, SloveniaProfessional Scrum Product Owner™ (PSPO™)Register Here
Apr 23-24, 2020Belgrade, SerbiaProfessional Scrum Master™ (PSM™)Register Here
May 4-5, 2020Budapest, HungaryProfessional Scrum Master™ (PSM™)Register Here
May 14-15, 2020Belgrade, SerbiaProfessional Scrum Master II™ (PSM-II™)Register Here


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