About Sntio

Who is Sntio?

Originally founded in 2013 in New York by Manoj Khanna, SNTIO has evolved as a boutique management and innovation consulting firm with US and European roots. Sntio teams' passion for innovation, digital transformation and leadership development spans the entire globe. From Kuala Lumpur to New York, we provide services that help businesses achieve their goals by building highly-performing teams that are primed for industry-defining innovation.

We love building high-performing teams that are focused on driving market-leading innovation, creating great strategies and which are agile enough to execute and achieve their goals.

Our four key services – Agile Ways of Working, Business Agility, Agile Innovation and sntioAcademy – motivate our customers to become more productive and find latent opportunities for growth and higher profitability.

Why Sntio

Global Consulting
We’re a boutique consulting firm with a team whose passion for innovation, digital transformation, and leadership development knows no bounds.
Global Team
From Kuala Lumpur to New York, we’re able to provide services that help businesses in varying sectors achieve their goals by building high-performing teams.
Growth Based Partnership
You want to grow, innovate and create products and services for customers that solidify their relationship with your brand and disrupt the industry as a whole.

Our Team

Our team extends into many other vital areas. It has always been our desire to build a network of strong and valuable consultants across the world. From New York to Belgrade, Kuala Lumpur and Adelaide, our team is extensive and highly experienced.

Manoj Khanna
Founder & Managing Partner
Manoj helps people and businesses to innovate, transform, and keep them ahead of the curve, as well as providing bespoke strategic advice to guide them through any challenges they are encountering. He has a proven track record of delivering top-quality guidance and knowledge to his clients, ensuring that they remain ahead of their competitors and at the forefront of their markets.
TC Gill
CoFounder & Managing Partner
TC starts with leadership, inspiring teams with a common purpose, vision, and goals. Then he taps into the power of people, sparking the best ideas to drive success. As a methodologist in Sntio, his methods are based on science, robust insights and engineered by experts. Everything is tailored to his client organization to transforming their performance. He is on a mission to help make Britain a global leader in productivity.
Nishant Sasidharan
CoFounder & Managing Partner
Accomplished, strategic, and versatile professional, offering solid business acumen and broad-based background in coaching, training, facilitating, management, architecture, design, development, and testing of software and systems within insurance, e-commerce, retail, finance, auto, and telecommunication industries. With over 19 years in the software industry in a variety of roles, and a decade working as a coach, Nishant possesses a unique skill set to find creative and sustainable ways in the midst of traditional transformation methods.
Stephen Parry
Stephen is a multi-award winning Business leader, strategist, and author, he has an outstanding global reputation for organizational transformation. In high demand as a keynote speaker, he is a world-class expert in Business Agility, Adaptive Business Models, Lean Enterprise, Culture Change, Organisational Design, Technology Policy, and Innovation. Author of the acclaimed Sense and Respond (MacMillan 2005), Stephen's strategic success has been featured on the BBC, in the Harvard Business Review and secured his place on the judging panel for the National Business Awards. With thirty years of corporate insight, experience and success in Europe, Asia, the Middle-east and the USA.
Roland Flemm, PST
Trainer & Consultant
As a Scrum Master and LeSS Practitioner, he plays an active role in helping teams to become self-supporting and enable them to continuously deliver quality services. Roland opens doors, builds bridges and challenges the status quo with a top-down and bottom-up approach. He has worked in close relationship with management, the product owner and the teams to deliver what's most valuable for the business.
Bogdan Doroslovac, PST
Trainer & Consultant
Bogdan was always a geek of all trades, to begin with, but sometimes during studies was bitten by an electronics bug. That made him turn from an ordinary mechanical engineer into an embedded aficionado, delving ever-more into depths of kernel-space. Leaving behind rocket science and always in search of excellence, he discovered agile and scrum and all neat things other programmers are doing. Nowadays he is trying to make embedded more agile in first place trough boosting CI/CD and automation, but also by changing old ways.
Peyton Tian-Yan Ong
Peyton is known for her capabilities as a multifaceted person due to her active participation in innovation projects and deep tech product developments. She had spent the majority of her career in the tech startup scene where she helps build startups from ideation, business model design, investment funding to scaling globally.
Marina Alex
Marina has international experience working with Agile sales teams in Russia, the US, Europe, and India. She has a strong record of accomplishment with more than 10 years of sales experience. She has developed an innovative sales technique based on business agility principles and agile practices; which were successfully implemented in 4 major organizations across Russia.
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