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We love building high-performing teams that are focused on driving market-leading innovation, creating great strategies and which are agile enough to execute and achieve their goals. 

Our four key services - Agile Ways of Working, Humanity@Workplace, Business Agility and Agile Innovation - motivate our customers to become more productive and find latent opportunities for growth and higher profitability.
Our people

SNTIO is a boutique consulting firm that has tasked itself with building high-performance teams. Our own team follows that mantra.
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Manoj Khanna
Our Enterprise & Transformation Coach, Manoj Khanna, has led agile transformation for multinational firms to ensure core business offerings are driven by customer behavior and desire.

Enterprise-level change is something Manoj is highly comfortable with, enabling him to deliver mission-critical results to businesses in America, London and throughout Europe.
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TC Gill
TC Gill is SNTIO’s Co-active Agile Coach. Operating from London and Ireland, TC Gill spent two decades in the engineering industry, where he recognized the need for businesses to increase performance and enhance their working cultures. 

This discovery inspired him to set up his own coaching company to help businesses engineer success - a decision that ultimately led him to SNTIO, where he invests his considerable experience and skill in helping businesses become market leaders and industry innovators.
Our team extends into many other vital areas. 
Lana Pokrajac Marinkovic is our highly-experienced Marketing Lead and responsible for ensuring the SNTIO brand can be seen by the businesses that will benefit the most from our services.

It has always been our desire to build a network of coaches across the world. From Latvia to Barcelona, Kuala Lumpur and Adelaide, our team is extensive and highly experienced. 
Ivo Peksens is an influencer and change agent who will quickly become your indispensable agile coach. Spanish businesses will benefit from Neli Caldentey’s excellent coaching and leadership development skills, and there’s no one better to deliver authentic leadership training than Dina Goncharova in the Netherlands. 
For our customers further afield, Dr. Satnam Singh Budwal is available to help Australian businesses enhance their sales and governance via direct coaching on process redesign, interpersonal skills and cross-cultural communication. 

Dr. Muraliraj Jagantheran and Peyton Tian-yan Ong are both stationed in Malaysia and can deliver Lean Sigma Six training, innovation management coaching and start-up expertise to businesses throughout the region. 

Anadi Misra, a programmer, empiricist and change agent based in Bangalore has nearly a decade of experience transforming teams and projects into people-centric cultures of continuous improvement. SNTIO is truly a global company, but we couldn’t deliver our services without the team you see before you.

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